Alexander Solzhenitsyn on Facts

Garrick Sapp at Trudge to Truth
2 min readAug 9, 2022

We should all be uneasy that our central government’s law enforcement bureaucracy appears to apply its significant power on a basis that is party political. This is a sign of tyranny if it is true.

“Public recognition of facts, complete and honest, that is the first condition of health in all societies, including our own. He who refuses this, cares nothing for the fatherland and thinks only of his own interest. He who refuses this for the fatherland, cannot cure our illnesses but only repress them and induce putrefaction.”

Alexander Solzhenitsyn is saying that without “public recognition” of facts a society is doomed. My first reaction to reading a search warrant had been executed at Donald Trump’s home was how the typical independent voter would view this fact. I asked myself this question because I recognize that it is very hard to know what a fact is today. My understanding of the “facts” indicates that the FBI and Justice Department are not neutral when it comes to the application of law, but I am sure there are many millions who do not see it that way. What are the “complete and honest” facts?

  • Did former FBI Director James Comey lie to Congress and if so, why did Congress not act?
  • Did the FBI knowingly utilize questionable information and sources to obtain FISA warrants?
  • Was Secretary Clinton’s handling of classified State Department emails properly investigated by the government?
  • Did the Justice Department do a thorough investigation of people who were allegedly utilizing the IRS for partisan political purposes?
  • Can it be that Ghislaine Maxwell is convicted of sex trafficking in federal court and the FBI has not charged a single other person?
  • Were undercover federal agents involved in the January 6, 2021 riots at the Capital?

Solzhenitsyn is right. If the public cannot or will not recognize facts and act accordingly the society will devolve into tyranny, the natural tendency of all governments. Our challenge is even more basic though. What are the facts?



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