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Garrick Sapp at Trudge to Truth
2 min readDec 5, 2022


I am writing to you because it is not clear to me how Senator Wicker views the Naming Commission report generally and the proposed destruction of the Confederate Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery specifically. I have resided in the great state of Mississippi for three years and chose Mississippi because the people of Mississippi tend to be aligned with my values. As such, our federal representatives should tend to represent values that include a respect for history and tradition. It is therefore disappointing that we have no idea what the senator thinks about the Naming Commission report and whether he has plans to interfere with the current path and ensure the recommendations of the commission are at least challenged, if not defeated. This is especially disappointing since the senator is member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Here are some questions that get to the heart of the matter:

  • Does the senator believe The Naming Commission fulfilled their legal requirement to show the Confederates in question “served voluntarily with the Confederate States of America”? I don’t see where they present this evidence.
  • Does the senator support the destruction of the Moses Ezekiel created memorial to peace and good will in Arlington National Cemetery?
  • What are the senator’s plans to challenge the implementation of the recommendations? Has he lined up support in the Senate to not fund the millions of dollars it will take to implement the recommendations? Is he working with Republicans in the House on this?
  • Does he realize that the vice-chair of the Naming Commission, Ty Seidule, gloated on Twitter that “9 posts will honor true American heroes. None will honor traitors”?

I recognize that there are many important armed services items that you both, and the senator must prioritize in terms of focus and effort. It is unfortunate that politics is front and center in the military today, but the answer is not to be silent. The proper functioning of the military requires these items be challenged and many of them defeated. If it would help you to quickly develop an understanding of the facts related to the Naming Commission report, I would be honored to meet with you in person in DC next week. I have a decent understanding myself and I have relationships with others who have deep expertise.

I look forward to your prompt response as time appears to be running out.


Garrick C. Sapp



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