Youngkin Rhymes with Dunkin

Garrick Sapp at Trudge to Truth
2 min readMar 19, 2023

Massachusetts has one Dunkin Donut store for every 6,440 people in the state. In Connecticut there is one store for every 7,410 people. 16% of all Dunkin Donut stores are in Massachusetts and Connecticut yet they account for only 3% of the country’s population. There is nothing more Yankee than Dunkin Donuts.

In Virginia there is a Dunkin Donut shop for every 37,590 people in the state. This surprised me as the governor of Virginia appears to have the same worldview as the average liberal Bostonian. Don’t take my word for it. Here is what the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported that Governor Youngkin said during a recent CNN Town Hall.

“We in fact enhanced the discussion of slavery, and made sure that everyone understood — for the first time in Virginia history standards — that the cause of the Civil War was slavery,”

What a leader! Dumb down the Virginia’s history standards to keep critical race theory out of the schools. Sacrifice truth and show students they are too stupid to deal with any nuance. Look out Ambassador Haley, Governor Youngkin is vying for the honor of the most politically correct politician with ties to the South.

Governor Youngkin also gave the Federal Government a way to destroy the Confederate Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery without much resistance from him. On a Richmond radio show he recently said:

“I’m committed to making sure that, if that statue is removed, that it is kept in Virginia and that it is placed on a battlefield or in a museum, so that it can continue to represent the purpose for which it was created”.

Many were thrilled that the governor took a stand and said he supported keeping the memorial at Arlington. It would have been better if he had said nothing. It occurs to me that calling Youngkin a Yankee is disrespectful. There have been too many brave Yankees with principles as demonstrated in all our nation’s wars. No, Youngkin is an unprincipled, power-hungry politician.



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